Welcome to GreenSight Agronomics's Demo Site

This site is the demonstration version of our portal, the website that our customers use to view the images our drones capture.

To use this demo, click on an exmaple flight on the left. Each one is a real set of images we've gathered from our dones, flying over golf courses.

A Visible image is one you can see with your eyes. Think of it like a camera taking pictures from a bird's eye view, but with the ability to zoom in enough to see rake marks in a sand trap.

Thermal is used for a view of the heat escaping from a golf course. When turf is healthy it sweats, slightly releasing moisture, which cools the turf, and can be seen on this image. Parts of the thermal image that are brighter show dryer spots, and darker spots show wetter spots. You can use the thermal images to figure out where to water, something you can't see with your eyes.

NDVI imagery uses Near IR and visible imagery to exaggerate the plant health. Healthy vegetation will appear green or blue while stressed vegetation will appear yellow. Red areas indicate dead, or thin vegetation.